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Yin Yoga - Yoga for Stress 2 Hour Special

Yin Yoga.... What a treat to our nervous system. Bringing ourselves to stillness in our physical postures but at the same time placing a sustained slight traction on our tendons and ligaments to increase mobility and elongation of the spine. We include Yoga nidra in this class which is a rotation of conciousness, like a meditation .

This class is an ideal stress buster ! Relaxation with the help of bolster and cushions to support the long holding postures . Great for beginners as well and for clients who need to relax and slow down.

So, relax, increase mobility and calm the nervous system. Please book early for this special monthly class as spaces are limited .

£25 for the two hours, Saturday 15th September 4 - 6pm . BOOKABLE ON LINE OR IN THE STUDIO ONLY, NO DROP INS

Hour of Power with Dawn

Join us on 5th August for our once monthly hour of power ! Detox, stretch, and a fabulous cardio exercise using light handweights. Movement with music, low impact but you will sweat !

Bookable online. £10


Class Suitable for

Sun am Hot Imp/Int/Adv
Sun am Second class (normal yoga) Beginners/Improvers
Mon pm x 2 All levels except absolute beginners.
Tues am All levels except absolute beginners
Tues hot pm All levels..
Weds am All levels except absolute beginners .
Weds pm Both classes Beginners/Improvers
Thurs am All levels, Includes Yoga therapy ideal for any
injuries or pre existing medical
conditions.Movement for mobility .
Thurs early am All levels except absolute beginners
Thurs pm All levels except absolute beginners.
Friday am All levels - gentle class
Sat am first class All levels except absolute beginners.
Sat am second class Beginners/Improvers and all levels

Special notes - An absolute Beginner is a client who has never practiced yoga before., and we encourage them by offering monthly, short two week courses to enable you to gain confidence before going into a main stream beginners/improvers class.

If you have any questions re our classes please contact us. We avoid giving our classes fancy names as it usually confuses clients and is uneccesary . We teach yoga here to a high standard and take your safety seriously. ALL OF our teachers are highly trained in teaching Yoga .

There are classes to suit all levels and it is important that you join the one that is right for you.Yoga is for everyone at any age, from any walk of life and for any fitness level.

Absolute Beginners Yoga -13th September

Every wondered what yoga is like ? No need to be flexible, fully fit, young or old, stick thin or super stretchy ! Just be you and have the will to have fun, and to learn the basic yoga postures......... Oh, its important to have a set of lungs and thats all you need together with the will to want to do it !

Friendly and warm environment here at the studio . Highly trained , professional teachers who have lots of all around knowledge and enthusiasm .

This course gets fully booked each month so please book early, maximum 8 people.

Book online under items and it will automatically book you for the two weeks .



First time to the studio ? E MAIL to receive your first class complimentary .


Dynamic yoga here at the studio on a Wednesday morning. 09.30 - 10.30 am and for the month of August our special is £8, BOOKABLE ONLINE only . Book under items on our shopping page .No need to reserve the class just be with us at least 15 minutes before. Yoga experience necessary .


Wake up the body ! Join Lou on a Thursday morning throughout August 07.00 - 08.00 so, attention all you early risers. Start the day with a fabulous stretch, with the focus being on sun salutations .

Available to monthly memberships students, pass holders and drop ins .

Get ahead !

Sign up to our newsletter and receive Upon registration please email to claim your free class with us and we look forward to welcoming you at the studio. Learn the art of Yoga from professional and well trained teachers in a traditional yoga centre that has been here in Dorking for 17 years.