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Class Suitable for

Sun am Hot Imp/Int/Adv
Sun am Second class (normal yoga) Beginners/Improvers
Mon pm x 2 All levels except absolute beginners.
Tues am All levels except absolute beginners
Tues hot pm All levels..
Weds am Intermediate and advanced
Weds pm Both classes Beginners/Improvers
Thurs am All levels, Includes Yoga therapy ideal for any
injuries or pre existing medical
conditions.Movement for mobility .
Thurs lunchtime 40min yoga express class, beginners only
Thurs pm All levels except absolute beginners.
Friday am All levels - gentle class
Sat am first class All levels except absolute beginners.
Sat am second class Beginners/Improvers and all levels

Special notes - An absolute Beginner is a client who has never practiced yoga before., and we encourage them by offering monthly, short two week courses to enable you to gain confidence before going into a main stream beginners/improvers class.

If you have any questions re our classes please contact us. We avoid giving our classes fancy names as it usually confuses clients and is uneccesary . We teach yoga here to a high standard and take your safety seriously. ALL OF our teachers are highly trained in teaching Yoga .

There are classes to suit all levels and it is important that you join the one that is right for you.Yoga is for everyone at any age, from any walk of life and for any fitness level.

Yoga Express for Beginners/Improvers

Always wanted to try yoga but never had the time or maybe you have but didnt have the right teacher or felt intimidated ?

Yoga Express offers new clients the chance to experience and understand what yoga is all about. We will be teaching you the basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation and for some of you you can fit it in in a lunch hour !

For just £6 per class its worth it ! We are a traditional yoga centre with highly trained and professional YOGA teachers, please book online or e mail All ages and fitness levels welcome . Thursday Lunchtime 1.10 - 1.50 Changing facilities available . Drop ins available (£9)

THURSDAY LUNCHTIMES EVERYWEEK ! starts ontime and finishes on time. So, unravel your computer body !


Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic, flowing style that connects the movement of the body with the breath. The method stresses the importance of daily practice of a set series of movements. There are six series of Ashtanga yoga sequences, which the student progresses through at their own pace.

Ashtanga yoga is named after the term given in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutrasfor the eight-fold path of yoga, or ashtanga, meaning “eight-limbed” in Sanskrit. It was Sri K. Pattabhi’s belief that the asana "limb" of yoga must be practiced before the others could be mastered.

There are several key principles that underlie the practice of Ashtanga yoga:

Breath: It is recommended that postures are held for five to eight breaths or more, if possible.
Drishti: For every posture in the series, there is a set of drishtis, or gaze points.
Vinyasa: This is the breathing system that connects every movement in the series with the breath.
Bandhas: The practice should be carried out with the bandhas, or "body locks," engaged in order to ensure that the breath is also correct.
Daily practice: The days of the full and new moon should also be taken as rest days, and women may also refrain from practicing during menstruation.
Ashtanga yoga is considered a vigorous, orderly practice and, as such, is more suited to students who want a dynamic and rigorous yoga practice.


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