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The Dorking Yoga Centre is Dorking's only purpose built Yoga Centre and has been established here in central Dorking for over 20 years. We are privately owned and managed, which enables us to have no strict rules and to run our studio professionally on a day to day basis.

When I took over eight years ago the centre needed expansion, investment and a vision for the future. Since then we have grown steadily with the addition of Hot Yoga Classes, more Classic yoga classes,the employment of six more professional and highly trained teachers and a great bunch of new students have arrived! They enjoy the friendly and fun atmosphere that we have all created here together . The arrival of men at the studio practicing now weekly, is a big change!

in 2017 we celebrated an additon - studio number 2. This is now housed in the same building on the ground floor which enable us to teach yoga to people with ms/me and other conditions so no need to climb stairs now to the top studio.

The addition to our yoga programme of absolute beginners courses have been a great success. My aim was to also ensure that people realise that Yoga is for everyone, no need to be stick thin and to be able to put your foot behind your neck! Our beginners and our regular clients are all shapes and fitness levels and are from all walks of life.

For the seasoned Yogi, enjoy our range of teachers who have all been highly trained and who teach in a safe and professional manner.

We offer a wide range of options regarding your yoga budget! £55 unlimited monthly membership being one of them.

So if you haven't visited us yet please do, its the place to be with a great vibe and some good yoga. No mystic, no big egos, just good old fashioned service with some great yoga!

Namaste and hope to see you soon.

Serena , Lou Dave and the Yoga team.


Improves flexibility and balance
Helps focus the mind and improves concentration
Tones and strengthens muscles
Detoxification Increases metabolism, helping to aid weight loss
Can improve bone density .
Can help make you a Happier Person, and nice to be around !
Strengthens the diaphram and the lungs.
Increases energy levels .
Stimulates Serotonin, our happy hormone
Increases overall fitness and well-being with regular practice.
Helps peaceful sleep and relaxation .
Calms the nervous system.

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