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Beginners and Mature Movers.

Starting Yoga can be an intimidating experience if you are not in the right environment, have the wrong teacher, have never tried it be for, and if you believe all that is in the media.

Yoga has moved on through the years and normal people practice it.... really ! We encourage beginners and mature movers here at the centre more so than anywhere else in Surrey

.So forget the images that you may have of yoga being weird, stick thin people who can put their foot behind their necks, that you are not flexible enough , you are too old, you have injuries....

Real Yoga is here at our studio, real people, professional teachers and lots of knowledge with a fun atmosphere .

Mature Movers - Its always a good time to start a new exercise. We have beginners here in their mature years who have fun, learn and laugh as well as increasing their mobility and stability .Morning classes are ideal they are small and friendly . We also teach one to ones, so if you would like to book an assesment just e mail me, . I am here to help and encourage as I know the benefits of Yoga are immense at any age. We are a traditional yoga centre and you will be in a safe and warm environment .

Beginners - Confidence and the will to learn a new skill that will enhance stability and mobility for life. We offer short beginners courses monthly which are very popular. Small groups of maximum 8 people, who usually once they have tried they become part of our centre. Its great ! ALTERNATIVELY book four one hour sessions on a private one to one basis to give yoga a try £159 for the course .

Please e mail for your free assesment if you have any medical conditions and would like to try yoga . It will be an hour session on a one to one basis in our lovely studio . Go on .... surprise yourselves.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS NEW COURSE STARTING ON THURSDAY EVENING 13th September for 2 weeks ! Great fun and lots of learning. Please call the studio or bookonline, and we look forward to teaching you .

Namaste and looking forward to welcoming you at the studio .

Sign up to our newsletter and receive Upon registration please email to book your special £7 first class taster . Learn the art of Yoga from professional and well trained teachers in a traditional yoga centre that has been here in Dorking for 17 years.
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